How to Volunteer With Us

Volunteering with the West Paterson First Aid Squad is Simple and Easy!

    As a member of the West Paterson First Aid Squad, we require:

  1. To volunteer 12 hours during the week, preferably an evening where we volunteer from 6 PM to 6 AM. (It's not that bad).   And two weekend nights a month.  If you can volunteer during the week day, then we can make arrangements to do that for you as well.

  2. We adhere to the guidelines set forth by the New Jersey State First Aid Council.   Simple put, you need:

    1. A Valid First Aid Card, or

    2. A Valid New Jersey or National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Card

  1. A Valid CPR Card by either the American Heart Association (preferable), or by the American Red Cross.  There are various classes that you can take for CPR and the one that we require combines Adult, Child, and Infant CPR along with Adult, Child, Infant Foreign Body Airway Obstruction.

That's it!!!

How do you get these Cards?

    We have instructors at the West Paterson First Aid Squad trained as American Heart Association CPR instructors, American Red Cross First Aid Instructors, and CEVO Instructors (Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator).

    Emergency Medical Technician certification is achieved through school for which we will provide all the details about how to enroll.

    If you would like an application now, there are four ways for you to fill one out:

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